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100% Guaranteed Same Day Courier Service

We're not just a delivery service - A-1 Courier Service is the top-rated Los Angeles courier and messenger service on Google and Yelp for a reason! We offer rush delivery throughout the Los Angeles area, any time of the day. Just place your order, and we’ll collect, then deliver – fast. A-1 Courier Service is who Los Angeles businesses and individuals have trusted with their same day delivery requirements for over 25 years.

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Rush Messenger Service
Our 2-hour rush service starts from the moment your package is ready for delivery. 

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Regular Messenger Service
Our 4-hour regular service, starts at 9 AM and can be used up until 3 PM. 

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Messenger Service
When rush service isn’t fast enough, our courier will pick it up and go straight there!

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Medical Specimen Deliveries
100% Chain of Custody. OSHA compliant & HIPAA trained drivers.

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Client Testimonials

Jeanette B Nofri
Jeanette B Nofri
I recently worked with Jonathan, the owner of A-1 Courier Service Los Angeles, on a new marketing project and was very impressed by his high standard of excellence for running his business. The passion he has for moving his company forward to even greater success inspired me to do my very best work. The respect he showed for me and my creative process reflects the high quality of his character and professionalism.
Kristoffer Loren
Kristoffer Loren
Incredible service! I used A-1 to deliver hard drives and equipment for me. It was not a far trip but their staff was very helpful and fast. They were super friendly and did this for a reasonable price. I would definitely use them again.
Gonzalo Estrada
Gonzalo Estrada
This is the best courier service in Los Angeles! The team here is always professional, prompt, and very reliable- I highly recommend A1 courier for short and long distances. I own a business and use them often when I am not able to leave my shop- these guys are the best!
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez
Fast, attentive, trustworthy. Very professional.
John J
John J
Got my package within 2 hours. I couldn't believe it, beyond happy! Thanks
Matt H
Matt H
A-1 Courier is my go-to courier. They add a level of personality to their service, you can tell they are an LA based business and not one of these worldwide money making machines. Furthermore, they're reliable, extremely quick & exceedingly well priced. Thank you guys!
Andy Doucet (Amdo)
Andy Doucet (Amdo)
Definitely one of, if not THE best courier service in Los Angeles. The level of professionalism and commitment to their business is outstanding. Having dealt directly with the owner on several occasions, I can say that their courier service is fast, and they go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. And they're a local business too.
tibrin tibrin
tibrin tibrin
We shipped a box from Canada to CA US to the wrong location in LA . 1 quick call later and Tony and his team make it happen in no time . No drama , No excuses ! Pronto it's happening .
Nkosi Khumalo
Nkosi Khumalo
“We have been working with A-1 COURIER for over 6 years. They are an efficient, reliable, and professional Los Angeles Courier service. Their professional uniformed drivers are the absolute best! I highly recommend their route and rush courier services for any company.” – Nkosi Khumalo CEO, Central Courier LLC.
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Who We Work With

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Started in Los Angeles over 25 years ago, we are committed to providing our customers with the best courier and messenger service in town. Our experience means we know the demands of Los Angeles business, and we go above and beyond to deliver on your expectations. We serve the entire Los Angeles area - we know this place. When you need to get it there fast, we have the courier services you need.

We have trained customer service representatives available 24/7, 365 days a year and offer a wide range of delivery services. When you need it to get there, we’re here to deliver on time, every time, wherever in Los Angeles you are. Our same day delivery services are trusted by thousands of customers. When you need rush courier or messenger services, you can depend on A-1 Courier.

We offer a 100% Guarantee

If you’re not fully satisfied with our courier services, we offer a full money back guarantee. Not sure about the best delivery services to choose? Read our five-star reviews on Yelp and Google and see what our customers have to say about A-1 Courier service.

Find out why we're the courier service Los Angeles trusts to deliver 24 hours per day.

Questions? We’re here for you. Just give us a call at 213-622-4000 and our 24/7 team will be delighted to help and arrange your fast courier service Los Angeles, wherever you are in Southern California.

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Our Latest Blog About Los Angeles & Some Courier Stories 

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Our Courier Service Dispatcher in the 90’s

The following is an interview done with one of our dispatchers from the 1990s.  So, what were some of the most memorable aspects of dispatching when you worked at A-1 Courier? One thing that sticks out is how stressful it was when we were growing our customer base but had…

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From a former A-1 Courier driver…

When I saw that A-1 Courier had some blogs from their drivers, I asked if I could write one, even though I'm a former messenger for A-1 Courier.  Anyway, here goes...I always enjoyed the rush of having a deadline. Especially behind the wheel of a nice car. The thought of…

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