Online prices are for deliveries between 9 AM and 4 PM Monday through Friday.

Quotes are subject to change, depending on the details and the exact addresses of each delivery. Prices do not include a 3% surcharge for credit card processing.

Fast driver in Los angeles
For over 25 years we've provided package
delivery to Los Angeles, 24 hours per day,
365 days per year.
Our 2 hour rush is fast, and starts from the
moment your package is ready.
Call us now at 800-55-DRIVE
After 25 years, we've learned by experience. Every
delivery has its own fingerprint. Our staff is always ready
to provide an unbeatable customer experience.
We deliver to businesses or homes in Los Angeles
and all of Southern California. We can pick up and go
straight to the package destination, with no stops
along the way!

map of los angeles we service
We offer fast messenger serviced to any city
in Los Angeles & Orange Counties. Plus you
can track your order the entire way.

4 Hour Delivery - Regular Service

Our 3-4 hour delivery option, is low priced and allows for later pickup times. Use this up until 3 PM and save money!

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2 Hour Delivery - Our Rush Service

Our 2 hour best delivery option, compares very favorably to our competitors who offer a 3 hour choice.

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Non Stop Delivery

This is our direct pickup and delivery, with absolutely no stops in between. Our non stop runs get red flagged as emergency deliveries.

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Medical Specimen Delivery

Routes for medical specimens, pharmaceuticals, & dental labs, with chain of custody record keeping. OSHA compliance & HIPAA trained drivers.

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A-1 Courier Service Testimonials

About A-1 Courier Service

driver delivering rush package in los angeles

A-1 Courier was started over 25 years ago with a commitment to provide the best courier service experience in Southern California. Along the way, we learned how to do everything as great as possible. Contact us over the phone or by email 24 hours per day.

One thing we’re really proud of at A-1 Courier are the time frames we offer on our same-day delivery. Most courier services offer the slower option of a 5-hour delivery. That’s a long time, and it forces the buyer to spend the extra money they might otherwise not need to spend if they used A-1 Courier’s 4-hour regular service.

When we started our courier service many years ago, it just seemed wrong to have a tricky system that offered service levels that were geared towards the ease of dispatch rather than towards the benefit for the customer.

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Are your Courier Services near me?

Yes, you can feel good about whether or not we’re one of the courier services near you. Our drivers are all over the city. Also, we guarantee 100% satisfaction, or there’s no charge. We’ve delivered thousands of packages in the LA area these last 25 years and we know how to guard against failure and to ensure success. The office staff we have are trained, unlike any other messenger service you’ll find in Los Angeles.

You can check to see what our reputation for quality service is at Yelp. Or just call us and see how unfailingly polite we are and how good we are at handling the messenger service that you require.
Below are some social icons. Please enjoy our Instagram pictures of local Los Angeles scenery, or like us on Facebook.

Our order takers are unfailingly polite and take pride in being part of the best courier service in LA. Plus if you prefer you can place orders online after using a very simple login process. Our online order entry is absolutely the best courier service request feature in Los Angeles and Orange County. Our courier technology remembers every pick-up and same day delivery location you’ve ever been to, so there’s never a need to type something more than once. You can also lookup your past messenger service order history as well as many other features that have to do with needing a courier. It’s one thing to say you’re the best courier service in Southern California, it’s another to present yourself to the customer as exactly that.


We offer a Free Trial for One Full Week of Messenger Service!
We know there’s uncertainty when people choose a new same day delivery or messenger service in Los Angeles. As a way of making the decision easier, we’re providing the opportunity to see why our business clients say what they do about A-1 Courier — not just that we’re a cheap courier services near you, but that there is no risk and no cost with our Free Trail Offer! Read about it here.

And, our site is a great resource in LA for any customer seeking information about what it takes to provide a great delivery experience, medical specimens, hard drives that need to be quickly delivered, or otherwise.  Our blog pages are full of interesting information about what it takes to provide Messenger Services in Los Angeles.  Also we have a FAQ page that should cover any questions you have about using a messenger service in Southern California, and in partcular, Los Angeles.


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Being a courier, especially in Los Angeles is a great job. Especially, if traffic doesn’t bother you too much. In LA you see so many different types of communities, whether it’s Beverly...

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Covid and your courier service provider

August 7, 2021

  It’s been about 17 months of working and living with the threat of Covid 19. To anyone reading this that has lost a loved one to the virus we extend our...

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