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24 Hour Los Angeles Messenger Service

Being available 24 hours per day to deliver in the city of Los Angeles is critically important. We’ve delivered urgent packages for over 25 years. Ranging from servicing the entertainment industry at all hours of the day, to handling medical specimens in an emergency, A-1 Courier Service in Los Angeles is ready to provide 100% Customer Satisfaction.

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Delivering important medical instruments or products is part of being a 24 hour service.

But we don’t only deliver medical specimens or instruments for humans. We also work with veterinarians and have done an interesting round of deliveries for horse breeding businesses. In that case, it’s usually the same, where we pick up the horse semen at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and we deliver to Hemet, or Murrietta, or Temecula.

It’s a pressure-packed delivery, there’s no doubt about that. You don’t want to have any car breakdowns along the way. One customer many years ago was so cautious about this, that they paid us to have another courier, follow the main driver, just in case they needed a second car involved. I’m not sure of the lineage of the horse, but the rumor was that he was a renowned champion. We received a nice Yelp review from it but never found out what became of any offspring. Sometimes curiosity can’t be quelched but most importantly, we understand patient privacy with HIPAA probably also counts for animals, at least we think it should.