What’s it like to be a courier in Los Angeles?

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Being a courier, especially in Los Angeles is a great job. Especially, if traffic doesn’t bother you too much. In LA you see so many different types of communities, whether it’s Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, or Downtown Los Angeles, they’re all unique even if they don’t have any noticeable borders along the way.

One thing that is glaringly apparent is the weather. Sure, you’ve heard about all the sunshine, and it’s true. There’s plenty of sunshine, and the state seems to charge you a lot for it, but the temperature range can be significant as you drive throughout the LA area.

For example, if you pick up a package for same-day delivery in Encino, which is a pretty exclusive part of the city, located in the San Fernando Valley, and then deliver it to Santa Monica, the searing heat of the valley could likely be 15 degrees less by the ocean in Santa Monica, or Venice, or Marina del Rey. Likewise, if you’re cooled down from being in any of the beachside neighborhoods, and then you’re dispatched to pick up a package going to Hollywood, you might be psyched to see pretty cool scenery, but when you get out of the car, you’ll notice it’s hot. Just like in Encino, or Sherman Oaks, or in Burbank.

And as far as the sunshine goes, there’s often a marine layer that makes for grey skies near the beach. Sometimes, it will burn off later in the morning, but you can never really tell. So, if you’re coming from inland, like Burbank, or Pasadena, or Downtown LA, your best bet — not if you’re in a rush to deliver a package — is to use this great webcam in Santa Monica. Or if you’re interested in surfing in Santa Monica, assuming you’re not delivering any time-sensitive packages, here’s a great webcam to check out the surf in Santa Monica.

This is proof that there’s not always sunshine, at least in Santa Monica, but in the city of Los Angeles, it could be sunny.

Besides the weather, there’s always the allure of Hollywood and celebrities. If you’re a courier in Los Angeles, you will, sooner or later, deliver a rush package to someone famous. It’s inevitable. BUT, the most important thing here, is to make like you have no idea who they are.


As of this writing, it’s the pandemic still…and most of our deliveries are to homes all throughout Los Angeles. A courier will also get to deliver to some of the famous movie lots and sound stages. On a daily basis, A-1 Courier goes to Paramount Studios, Warner Brothers, Raleigh Studios, Sony Studios, and plenty of other locations, such as photo studios. Smashbox is a famous place we’re always going to.

And when you do get to drive in Beverly Hills or Bel-Air or Brentwood, or Pacific Palisades…the list goes on and on, it’s a real treat to see the beautiful residential architecture, along with some of the older homes that still survive.

But, it’s not all glamour being a messenger in Los Angeles. One of the bigger industries we serve is the garment industry. And that can bring you to some really cool and very different landscapes in the Southland. For example, there’s Vernon, and Commerce and Downey and Bell.

In Vernon, California, next to the Los Angeles River, is an interesting way to move something across the street

So, don’t think LA is all bright lights and a big city. There’s plenty of industry and some great history, not the least of which is that Vernon is the home of Farmer Johns hotdogs. The Los Angeles Dodgers have helped sell millions of these tasty treats through the years.

Getting back to the traffic. Some of our couriers never even complain about it. It’s a mystery, but they expect it and it doesn’t seem to annoy them too much. But we do have our deadlines, and being a courier in Los Angeles, means having to drive faster rather than slower. As we mention elsewhere on our website, GPS apps have redefined our industry. So if you’re going to really cool and historic places that might be hard to find in the Hollywood Hills, or Echo Park, or Highland Park, it’s pretty easy to get there without a mistake. Being a courier in this city is fun. The diversity is a real treat to experience, and the food choices are many. Just make sure to never text and drive, keep your eyes on the road and enjoy the ride.