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Quotes are subject to change, depending on the details and the exact addresses of each delivery. Prices do not include a 3% surcharge for credit card processing.

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How do we dispatch for same day delivery in Los Angeles?

A prior blog post from A-1 Courier talked about courier service software. It's the software that either helps solve a problem or creates one. What's different about courier services in Los Angeles, [...]

Should I care what courier software you use?

Yes. There are so many competitors of ours still using the best software they had -- back in the year 2003. We're loyal to our courier service software, we've been with them for many years, and that's [...]

Covid and your courier service provider

  It's been about 17 months of working and living with the threat of Covid 19. To anyone reading this that has lost a loved one to the virus we extend our heartfelt [...]

What’s it like being a courier service in Los Angeles during the Pandemic?

It's busy. Not from our normal customers, but from newer Covid related clients. It doesn't mean we have to turn anyone down, but some requests are very challenging these days. We've been called quite often [...]

Contactless or Contact-free Courier Service

Since A-1 Courier started many years ago, there have been some great technological breakthroughs. Products like Waze and Google Maps have made life way easier, and of course, so has dispatching drivers via [...]

Delivering Same Day Packages in a Pandemic

No one amongst us probably ever thought we'd get here. As of this writing, COVID-19 is threatening our way of life like nothing before. The date is April 17th, 2020. A-1 Courier has learned a new way of [...]

24 Hour Los Angeles Courier Service

Being available 24 hours per day to deliver in the city of Los Angeles is critically important. We've delivered urgent packages for over 25 years. Ranging from servicing the entertainment industry at all [...]

When to use Regular Courier Service and not Rush.

So many customers use a courier especially in Los Angeles and feel that they need to use the more expensive rush service. Their thinking is that since traffic is so bad in L.A., "I better play it safe." [...]

Medical Specimen Delivery with a Courier Service

A courier service can be used for most every delivery you have. In Los Angeles for example, courier services are an integral part of medical lab deliveries. No matter the traffic in L.A., courier services [...]

Human Resources in the Courier Service industry

Here we go. But we need to be careful not to give away do many nuggets to our competitors. A-1 Courier has had great success with the drivers and office staff we've hired over the years. With [...]