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Century City in Los Angeles

Nestled on Los Angeles’ prestigious Westside lies the world-famous 90067 zip code, home to the dynamic hub of Century City. This cosmopolitan district packs striking architecture, vibrant commerce, upscale living, and non-stop activity into its compact 1.2 square miles.

90067 brims with the exciting landscape of 21st-century LA while retaining mid-century charm. Here’s an insider’s guide to the landmarks, culture, and allure of Century City and its surrounding neighborhoods, where our messenger service delivers to each day.

Mid-Century Meets Modern Skyline

Century City’s transformation from 20th Century Fox backlot to a bustling urban center makes it one of LA’s most remarkable neighborhoods. After Fox Studios sold the land in the 1960s, developer William Zeckendorf Jr. enlisted architect Welton Becket to design a “city within a city.” Within a few years, the backlot gave way to sleek mid-rise buildings and open plazas.

Century City in Los Angeles 1
Where Modern Skyscrapers Meet the Glitz and Glamour of Los Angeles

This mid-century modern style came to define Century City’s architecture. Over the decades, contemporary skyscrapers joined the ranks. Our messengers love the look of this part of Los Angeles, even with parking being a challenge for each messenger picking up or delivering packages. Many say it’s worth the extra time because they feel like they’re in a beautiful little modern city — within Los Angeles.

– Constellation Place – The tallest structure in Century City at 653 feet. The slanted glass look is a 21st-century standout.

– Century Plaza Towers – Circular high-rise twins evoking 1970s modernism. Architect Minoru Yamasaki integrated Asian simplicity.

2000 Avenue of the Stars – Fox Studios’ triangular tower exudes late 1980s style. Echoes of Art Deco can be seen.

While adhering to current trends, new projects like Ten Thousand Santa Monica Boulevard incorporate mid-century elements as a nod to Century City’s roots.

Landmarks and Attractions

One of the most iconic aspects of 90067 is Century City, a thriving business district that’s home to skyscrapers, corporate headquarters, and a dynamic urban environment. Century City’s transformation from backlots to a modern metropolis is a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of Los Angeles.

Shopaholics and fashion enthusiasts will find paradise at Westfield Century City. This upscale shopping mall boasts a plethora of high-end boutiques, restaurants, and entertainment options.

For a serene escape amidst the urban hustle, Roxbury Park is a lush oasis featuring beautiful gardens, tennis courts, and a community center. It’s a favorite spot for residents to unwind and enjoy some leisure time.

Century City in Los Angeles 2
The mall in Century City is a major Los Angeles attraction and a great place to see the sunset.

Zip code 90067 is not only about business and commerce but also about culture. Check out local museums, theaters, and cultural centers that host a variety of events, performances, and exhibitions throughout the year.

Century City’s Largest Hotel

One of the jewels in the crown of zip code 90067 is the Century Plaza Hotel, a storied establishment that has left an indelible mark on the neighborhood’s history.

The Century Plaza Hotel first opened its doors in 1966, and from the very beginning, it set a new standard for luxury and sophistication in Los Angeles. Designed by renowned architect Minoru Yamasaki, the hotel’s distinctive crescent shape and modernist architecture made it an instant landmark.

Over the decades, the Century Plaza Hotel has hosted countless luminaries, including world leaders, celebrities, and dignitaries. It was a favored location for high-profile events and conferences. Notably, the hotel hosted several U.S. Presidents and played a crucial role in the political and social history of the United States.

In recent years, the Century Plaza Hotel underwent a comprehensive renovation, transforming it into a contemporary oasis while preserving its historical charm. A-1 Courier, by the way, was proud to make daily trips for the many designers involved in the new design. The revamped hotel offers an unparalleled blend of classic elegance and modern amenities, making it a sought-after destination for travelers and Angelenos alike.

The Century Plaza Hotel has always been more than just a hotel; it’s a community hub. Locals have celebrated weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions within its walls, cementing its place in the hearts of those who call 90067 home.

 Roxbury Park is a great nearby attraction

Tucked away in the heart of Century City, Roxbury Park offers a green oasis for visitors of all ages. Families flock to the park’s playground, where kids can spend hours climbing, sliding, and swinging to their hearts’ content. For those looking to break a sweat, Roxbury Park’s tennis courts provide a convenient spot to get in a match or practice your swing. If you’d rather relax, spread out on the park’s lush grassy areas and take in the tranquil surroundings. On warm weekends, these sprawling fields come to life with groups picnicking and playing Frisbee as children laugh and run through the open space. With its diversity of amenities from tennis to playgrounds complemented by beautiful greenery, Roxbury Park has cemented itself as a beloved community gem in Century City.

Century City in Los Angeles 3
In Los Angeles, Every Street Holds a Surprise – Architectural Treasures Await Around Every Corner.

Regarding tennis, Roxbury Park’s courts are a hidden treasure. Tucked into a secluded corner of the park, the four tennis courts offer players a little slice of privacy in the middle of the city. Surrounded by trees and foliage, these courts provide a tranquil atmosphere reminiscent of exclusive country clubs. The courts are impeccably maintained, providing the ideal playable court for recreation or competitive play. With limited court time at public parks at a premium, it’s a treat to access these courts in Roxbury Park’s peaceful location. The privacy and top-notch condition of Roxbury Park’s tennis courts are some of the best in the area for an unmatched tennis experience. Whether you’re hoping to squeeze in a quick practice or organize a weekend match with friends, these courts are a fantastic active oasis in the heart of the bustling city.

Where Culture Meets Commerce at Westfield Century City

The cultural soul of the district resides within Westfield Century City. As well as over 200 shops and restaurants, this renowned mall houses a movie theater, full-service spa, and events venue. Westfield underwent a striking $1 billion makeover in 2017 to cement its status as a world-class retail and lifestyle destination.

Westfield boasts both local flavor and global brands from Tiffany & Co. to Eataly. Outside, the central plaza hosts summer jazz concerts and food/arts festivals. Inside, exhibits at the Annenberg Space for Photography entrance visitors with provocative imagery. Westfield Century City is more than just shopping—it’s an all-encompassing hub for indulgence, entertainment, and inspiration.

Urban Oasis at Century Park

In the middle of Century City’s constant hustle lies Century Park, a treasured 16-acre refuge. Designed by acclaimed architect Arthur Erickson, its post-modernist landscape features undulating pathways, plazas, fountains, and lush greenery. Locals relish Century Park for its walking trails, outdoor yoga, weekday farmers markets, and weekend summer concerts. The iconic Century Fountain forms the lively heart of the park.

Adjacent West Los Angeles offers further green spaces like the 13-acre Rancho Park with its golf course, tennis courts, and hiking trails. The 127-acre campus of UCLA also provides sprawling lawns, gardens, and wooded grounds.

century city
These Twin Towers have been the iconic view of with Century City since the 1970’s

Prime Los Angeles Location

Real estate in 90067 remains a hot commodity due to its supreme location. Situated between Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, Century City grants easy car, bus, or metro access to top Los Angeles attractions without the tourist crowds. Residents can be strolling the Santa Monica Pier one afternoon and hiking the Hollywood Hills the next.

The proximity of LAX airport and major freeways like I-405 also heighten the appeal of 90067. The Expo Line into Downtown Santa Monica conveniently connects without transferring. When locals do venture out, the world-famous sites of LA await just minutes away in nearly every direction. In fact, some of our messenger service drivers have used public transit to delivery packages.

Century City: Where Business Meets Pleasure

Today as ever, Century City remains the crossroads where business meets pleasure. Fortune 500 companies, high-powered law firms, talent agencies, and luxury retailers shape the city’s commercial power. But beyond the workday bustle lies a vibrant community thriving with entertainment, culture, recreation, education, and above all, that irresistible LA energy. For visitors and locals alike, the 90067 zip code offers the best of all worlds.