Courier Service Locations

24 Hour Courier Service in Los Angeles

For over 25 years, we’ve delivered all over Southern California. Our courier service might be located in the city of Los Angeles, but our drivers are, generally speaking, everywhere. We could have one right down the street from you, right now.

We’ve had some customers over the years, where we would outfit their office with a full time coordinator to make sure all the deliveries were taken care of. But then the technology advanced and we stopped needing the extra person on hand.

During the time A-1 Courier has been providing courier service, the breakthroughs and changes have made so much of the work easier. On this site, we’ve discussed Waze and Google Maps, as tremendous benefits but industry specific software has also been a great change we’ve enjoyed. A-1 Courier uses the software from a company called Digital Waybill.

The nice thing about this type of courier service software is that it allows our disptacher to see in real time, where all of our drivers are and in what Los Angeles or Southern California locations everyone is at.

Years ago, you could take a rope line and touch an actual letter.

We will likely add more and pictures that represent where our courier service delivers your rush packages to, but this is just an idea of where our messengers get to go. There are so many exciting Southern California locations.