Our Customer Service Pledge

25 Years of Expertise has allowed us to Provide the Ultimate Delivery Service. 

  1. We will not charge for a delivery if you're not 100% satisfied.  We make sure to provide the best customer service representatives to help with any situation that might ever come up.

  2. Our Technology is Key.  In order to provide you with the best customer service experience you could ever want, we need to complement that with the best messenger service software available. Also, we hire people that are polite 100% of the time, and who can quickly take your courier order to start the process of fast pickup and delivery of any sized package you need. Our order-taking guidelines tell a lot about why we're so good.

  3. We route our courier deliveries. This can save lots of money! Especially if you do a high volume of messenger services. Click here for an explanation.

  4. Our Mobile Courier Service App. The technology our Courier Service uses is the most modern and user-friendly in the industry. We use a smartphone app that delivers your information exactly as it's placed, either by our order takers or by you directly via our online order entry. We also use state-of-the-art GPS technology that helps us dispatch each messenger more efficiently.

  5. Online Ordering. Our online order entry is the most user-friendly software available and can automatically print out a delivery slip.

  6. Free Trial. We offer a Free Trial for One Full Week of Messenger Service! We know there’s uncertainty when people choose a new delivery service. As a way of making the decision easier, we’re providing the opportunity to see why our clients say what they do about A-1 Courier — with no risk and no cost! Click here for details.

  7. Well-reviewed. Our Los Angeles Messenger Services has been chosen after careful review, by some of the area’s most respected companies. Businesses in the Los Angeles area such as People Magazine, Sports Illustrated, the City of Santa Monica, Teleflora, and Smith Barney, have chosen A-1 Courier because we’re committed to servicing our clients better than anyone else.

  8. Easy to Pay. We accept all major credit cards. You can pay your messenger invoices by calling us at 213-622-4000 or we can schedule your payments automatically, and you’ll always get an email receipt.

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