Customer Service Guidelines

Customer Service Guidelines for Courier Service in Los Angeles

  1. Answer every call as if you’re happy, even if you’re not.
  2. When answering the phone greet the caller with, “A-1 Courier, this is ____________ .” (This lets the caller know who is speaking and it’s brief so they can quickly place their order.
  3. If you need to put a caller on hold, say “A-1 Courier, can you hold please?” (This is the most polite way to put a caller on hold.)
  4. After taking the customer off hold say, “Thanks for waiting, this is ____________.”
  5. Don’t ever let a customer feel like you are rushed and don’t have time for them. The customer needs peace of mind that we will take care of their delivery.
  6. If you know the customer, don’t be afraid to ask them “How are you?” If they ask how you’re doing, sound upbeat, and never complain.
  7. Be grateful they called us, no matter how busy it is. Without them we have no jobs.
  8. If they place a rush, conclude the conversation with, “We’ll take care of this on a rush.” (This confirms that we know it’s a rush, not a regular service.)
  9. If the call is for regular service, conclude with, “OK, we’ll take care of this for you on a regular service.”
  10. Always end phone calls with the word, “bye.”
  11. If you don’t have an answer to a question, do not attempt to answer it. Instead, tell the customer, “___________” has the answer to your question, and I’ll transfer you to him/her, OK?” Or if the person with the answer is not in, take a message and let them know an answer is coming.
  12. If a customer calls with a problem or complaint, do not interrupt them. Let them finish speaking and when it’s your turn to talk, say: “I understand how you must feel…” You can then offer to have them speak to the appropriate supervisor.
  13. Most clients want to place their orders quickly, so don’t repeat their directions unless they ask, or if you feel you might have gotten the information wrong. Let’s make the process fast and accurate.