Dental lab delivery for los angeles

We offer route service in Los Angles that works for the days and times you need.

You can tell your dental customers a specific time frame when we’ll arrive and the name of the driver – since it will be the same people each time we pick up or deliver.

Our pricing is often the lowest you can find anywhere in the LA area. We do all types of courier work, and our specialties are medical and dental delivery.

A-1 Courier drivers are uniformed employees ready to deliver, around the clock, any urgent or non-urgent dental work require.

It’s hard to be in Los Angeles and not do this type of work for some very important people. We know how to keep our dental clients happy and their clients as well. We do this by providing real-time tracking for every courier service you require and being available around the clock.

A couple of years ago, it came down to the wire when we had to rush dentures to a newscaster that was minutes away from needing to go on-air. The satisfaction that our couriers receive along with our dispatchers is inspirational. It’s why we spare no expense in making sure we have the best and most current dispatching technology available.

We have one dentist up in the Malibu Point Dume area that uses us quite often and loves that our non-stop service is available even up the coast. Time and again, we provide rush, and nonstop service for this dental practice where we go to Gardena and back, no matter the time of day or distance, A-1 Courier is available and eager for your total satisfaction. And of course, we never charge unless you’re completely satisfied with the quality of our drivers, our order takers, and our dispatching service.

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What Are Your Dental Lab Delivery Needs?

Your dentists will know us and feel like we’re an extension of the excellent service you provide.

We offer urgent or non-urgent daily delivery of dental materials in the Los Angeles & Orange County areas. A-1 Courier – since 1988.

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