General Service Questions

Our rates depend on the mileage, the urgency and the time of day.
No. We operate an on demand messenger service. All we ask is that you have your package ready when you call, because a messenger might be only a couple of minutes away.
Our services are described here. They’re geared towards what works for you, not our ease of dispatch.
All of Southern California. We also provide messenger service for all major cities through our national courier service network.
From any page on our site, you can click here for a COD order.
Yes. We understand we’re representing you, and therefore all our messenger staff is well groomed and provide service wearing A-1 Courier shirts.
Yes. We have a variety of vehicles that match your courier needs.
Our courier service can usually handle any size package at any time. Please call ahead to ask about vehicle availability.

Legal Services & Court Filing Questions

Yes. We specialize in all “on demand” legal work. Additionally we have a great list of all Southern California courts with valuable contact information. We also can advance court fees when needed.

Other Messenger Service Questions

We always have a courier available to help you 24 hours per day.
We want you to be 100% satisfied with our messenger and courier service, and if you’re not, for any reason, we offer a full refund.
Yes. One of the most unique benefits of A-1 Courier is that we route all deliveries that are going the same direction with the same messenger.
Each courier has a Thomas Guide but primarily uses Waze which is the greatest GPS tool available on smart phones. Additionally, once a courier realizes the numbering system for Los Angeles addresses, it gets pretty easy.
Absolutely. In fact we offer great short cuts and feel free to call us anytime. It’s sometimes hard, but we pry any secret we can from our couriers.
Yes. We have a sample route test that our messengers have to take. Additionally our prospective couriers have to also take a map test, proving they know how to look up all Los Angeles and Orange County addresses.

Billing Questions

Yes. We can arrange your invoice to show chronological messenger services by date or by your billing reference.
We bill twice a month on the 1st and 16th, but we can also bill weekly if you’d like.
Yes. Simply call us at 310-450-9000 and we’ll process the payment for you. Or you can have a monthly payment scheduled for all your messenger services.
Our liability is limited to $150.00 for any delivery that qualifies. Additionally, cargo insurance is available upon request.