Garment delivery in los angeles

Garment Delivery in Los Angeles 1

Same Day, Urgent Delivery For Garment Customers

  • NON SMOKERS with FRAGRANCE FREE vehicles insures that your high fashion garments are properly handled.
  • Vehicles used are capable of handling any clothing racks you choose.
  • We service many well known and respected fashion companies in the Los Angeles.
  • A-1 Courier drivers are uniformed courier employees ready to deliver, in Los Angeles and surrounding cities in Southern California.
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We've been in Business for over 25 years

Being in business in Los Angeles for over 25 years, there are a lot of opportunities that come your way. We were fortunate many years ago to start working with Garment businesses, such as Revolve Clothing, Farfetch, J Brand, and many other high-end companies. Their needs were simple. They wanted on-time delivery in cars, vans, and trucks, all throughout the Los Angeles area, and odor-free transportation was and still is, very important.

We also do garment deliveries for many smaller customers, often going from tailors in Hollywood and the surrounding areas to clients’ homes and other locations. One customer that is no longer in business but sold high-quality menswear was called Battaglia, out of Beverly Hills. For them, and many others, we’ve done same day delivery for their clients, often to homes in the Hollywood Hills, or Bel-Air or luxury hotels in Los Angeles. In fact, that’s how we got our start, delivering from high-end shops to their customers.

We have cars or trucks or vans available for same day delivery 24 hours per day

All of our drivers have odor-free vehicles, and they enjoy being part of the process of getting people what they want, in a fast and strategic way.

When there are fashion shoots, we send along sprinter vans with clothing racks at the ready. We can also return the materials involved that might have been rented at some of the auxiliary businesses that align with garment manufacturers and clothing designers. Whether it’s going to the California Mart or the 21st floor of your building, we have the logistics to transport anything you need to conduct business here in La La Land.

Our online order forms provide you the space and flexibility to ask for exactly what you need. We’re ready 24 hours per day with regular, rush or nonstop service.

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