Court Filings in Los Angeles

Same Day Urgent Court Filings and Process Serving


    • If court fees are due, we advance them.

    • Email us your documents. We’ll prepare them and file them.

    • We file in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Orange County & Ventura County.

    • A-1 Courier drivers are uniformed employees ready to deliver, around the clock, any items you require.
Over the past 25 plus years, our court filing services in Los Angeles have changed as the technology has allowed some great advantages for A-1 Courier clients. Still, there’s great peace of mind in doing a court filing in person. Our couriers are trained and very experienced in representing our legal clients, not only in Los Angeles but in many of our surrounding counties.

What are legal customers tell us is how grateful they are for the diligence and communication our service and our couriers on the road provide. As we stated above in the bulleted copy, we will never leave the court before solving any problem that comes up. In fact, that’s one of the reasons we often charge a court filing fee as it ensures we will not send a driver that has other deliveries to make.

We are fully committed to handling all legal matters with the utmost importance. There have been days where our messenger service has a driver in the court for hours going from one department to another, all the while communicating with the client, in order to solve whatever problem might come up.
Our website offers a great reference tool for when courts are open and we often handle the logistics involved when more than one court location might be involved.

One of our favorite memories was a court filing in San Diego. We had a lawyer that needed us to get there and there was no time to spare. We rushed over one of our faster messenger drivers and she picked up the documents and got on the 405 freeway and made it to the courthouse with about 1 minute to spare, all the while keeping the customer abreast of where she was and the great success of doing that kind of work, is why A-1 Courier is your go-to messenger service for any and all on-demand work. Call us day or night and we’ll figure out the logistics and make sure you’re happy with the end result.

Court Filing Experts For the Los
Angeles & Southern California area for over 25 years

A-1 Courier in Los Angeles servicing the the legal industry since 1988.

We stay at the court till we’re done at the court!

During the past 25 years we’ve done thousands of court filings. The most important element with a successful court filing, is communicating with a law firm and making sure directions are followed 100%. We love “complicated.” It gives us the opportunity to shine.