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What’s it like being a courier service in Los Angeles during the Pandemic?

It’s busy. Not from our normal customers, but from newer Covid related clients. It doesn’t mean we have to turn anyone down, but some requests are very challenging these days. We’ve been called quite often about doing promotional or gift deliveries. My guess is that so many businesses and industries that have been hit hard by the pandemic, need to keep their name out there, need to continue to let the market know what help is available to them. And so they become inventive and resourceful.

As to our Covid work, well it’s obviously important, and we love being part of the solution. Every day we’re doing lots of deliveries for Covid testing. It’s usually within the entertainment industry, but many health care providers have been counting on us to also deliver, around the clock, pandemic related test and kits and other supplies.

What's it like being a courier service in Los Angeles during the Pandemic? 1
Let’s hope 2021 is the last year we make any mask art. But, if it goes to 2022, at least that’s an even number.

We have one client that loves that they can count on specific drivers, that they’ve come to really enjoy working with and counting on. We think all of our driving staff is extremely quaified, or we wouldn’t work with them, but when a customer finds a friend in us, we’re happy to reserve that driver for them.

So, behind the scenes, many people don’t realize, for example, what Hollywood is doing to stay safe and contribute to the public, some great TV shows and movies to help us escape our sometimes daily pandemic stress. Yes, we’ve seen many people that don’t seem too concerned and have maybe never even owned a mask, but for the majority of us, having to mask up, especially if you wear glasses that can easily get fogged up, is, at this point, getting old. But, we must persevere and enjoy the better case numbers we’re seeing.

At this point, our drivers have been vaccinated. (They’re part of the group that qualified a while ago, since we deliver lots of medical needs.) We probably should have pointed that out, earlier in the post, but our country has really seemed to pick up the pace over the past couple of months. What great news it is that young adults can now make vaccine appointments.

Non the less, our staff is still masked up and we ask all our customers to please allow contact free pick ups and deliveries. It’s great news that no one at A-1 Courier has suffered too terribly from Covid-19. And we certainly hope the same is true for you and yours. We wish you call good health and thank you very much for teaming up with A-1 Courier as we try to keep everything we can flowing as best we can.