Your Courier Service Options

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Rush Messenger Service
Our 2-hour rush service starts from the moment your package is ready for delivery. 

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Regular Messenger Service
Our 4-hour regular service, starts at 9 AM and can be used up until 3 PM. 

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Messenger Service
When rush service isn’t fast enough, our courier will pick it up and go straight there!

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Medical Specimen Deliveries
100% Chain of Custody. OSHA compliant & HIPAA trained drivers.

Our Regular Service is faster!  It's only 4 hours for a local delivery 

Our same day Los Angeles courier service offers delivery times that are designed to give our clients cost-saving options. With A-1 Courier, our time frames allow you to often choose the least costly solution. Please note that while we deliver to all of Southern California, our time frames listed below are for local deliveries as defined by a 15-mile radius. For longer deliveries, we will probably ask for extra time.

A-1 Courier offers real time tracking!

Our company offers various messenger services and solutions, based on the needs of your industry. We provide real-time tracking of your packages and operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Call our office anytime, and learn why A-1 Courier is the top-rated Los Angeles delivery service.

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Medical and pharmaceutical route and stat services

Our company and our couriers are OSHA compliant and HIPAA trained in handling all medical specimens. Each driver is equipped with medical coolers at refrigerated temperatures. Frozen temperatures are available upon request.

What this means for our clients, is that we’re your go-to source, for anything regarding medical specimen delivery in the Los Angeles area. For over 25 years we’ve been handling the requirements of medical labs and medical business practices, and along the way
learning the ins and outs of how to do perfect work every time.

Express Courier service Los Angeles

Fast garment deliveries with fragrance free, cars, vans or trucks

At A-1 Courier we handle many garment and fashion industry clients. We understand the importance of using only smoke free vehicles. Additionally we make sure to send the correct vehicle, such as vans or trucks or passenger vehicles.

Delivering garments in Los Angeles is a real specialty. Not just because we need to provide odor-free vehicles, but we need to provide a complimentary service to the actual designers here in LA. And it’s not just every day that we service our garment customers, it’s also the special events that go on in Los Angeles.

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Court Filing Courier Service in Los Angeles and Southern California

We are experts at court filing on the local, state and Federal levels. We do courier court filing service for the Los Angeles County Courts as well as Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Santa Barbara County, Orange County, Ventura County and San Diego County. We’re fully aware of court hours in Los Angeles and all of Southern California and our dispatchers and messengers communicate thoroughly with clients throughout the day on all filing and messenger service matters.