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When is the Last Delivery Date, each year, for Christmas in Los Angeles?

delivery date for christmas

If you are trying to get a head start on shipping out your Christmas gifts to those you care about or are just trying to make a last minute delivery, you may very well find yourself wondering when is the last delivery date for Christmas in Los Angeles and when is the latest you could possibly send something to be shipped out in the hopes that it arrives to the intended recipient on time?

Assuming you use of the three most common courier companies in the United States, you can easily find out when you can send out items for delivery in order to make sure they still arrive by Christmas.

If you choose to send your packages and letters out via the USPS, there are a few different days scattered throughout the month of December for you to choose from.

Since you can always send out your items before December to guarantee they make it there with plenty of time to spare, here is a list of dates during the month of December where you can ship something via the USPS.

  • December 15th – The USPS provides regular ground service, as your package has plenty of time to arrive
  • December 17th: First Class Mail Service – The USPS provides a higher priority to your letters and packages for an additional fee
  • December 18th: Priority Mail – The USPS provides an even higher priority shipping for a higher additional fee to make sure your package makes within the timeframe
  • December 23rd: Priority Mail Express – For a high fee, the USPS will make sure your package is expedited to its intended recipient as fast as possible

delivery for christmas

If you choose to do your shipping through FedEx, you will have an abundance of delivery chances to make sure your letters and packages make it home for Christmas when delivered during the month of December.

  • December 9th: Ground and Freight Economy – FedEx will ship your package regularly, as there is plenty of time for it to reach its destination
  • December 15th: Ground and Home Delivery – FedEx will ensure your package will make it to the intended destination via ground delivery right to the door
  • December 21st: Express Saver – For an additional fee, FedEx will place a higher priority on your package, making sure it reaches where it needs to by Christmas.
  • December 22nd: 2Day & 2Day AM – For a higher additional fee, FedEx will ensure that your package is delivered within two days of you sending it out, making sure it is rushed with the utmost care to its destination on time.
  • December 23rd: Overnight Services – For a high additional fee, FedEx will spend all night making sure your package reaches its destination by the next day, even as a late night delivery
  • December 24th: Same-day Services – For a hefty extra fee, FedEx will make sure your package makes it to its destination the very day you mail it out, guaranteeing that it gets there on Christmas Eve, just in time to be placed under the tree with all the other presents.

Finally, if you choose to send your mail out with UPS, you still have a few last-minute options to make sure your package and letters arrive right on time.

  • December 21st: 3-Day Select – For an additional fee, the UPS will place a priority on your package to make sure it gets delivered within three days, arriving just before Christmas
  • December 22nd: 2nd Day Air Services – For an additional fee, the UPS will send your package or letter out via their air service to ensure prompt delivery, taking no more than two days
  • December 23rd: Next Day Air Services – For a high fee, the UPS will delivery your package using their air services and ensure your delivery arrives just in time to join the rest under the tree on Christmas Eve