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Why A-1 Courier Is The Ultimate FedEx (Los Angeles) Alternative

If you're mailing essential things via courier, it's best to work with a partner you can rely on throughout the process.

To appreciate the advantages of being at ease when your package or files are being transported and to establish your business apart from the competition, we have it all for you. Experts rank the top 16 couriers in Los Angeles, but A-1 Courier outperforms the others for the A+ services it provides to customers.

What Is A-1 Courier?

A-1 Courier is a seasoned courier company in Los Angeles, California, providing high-quality courier services since 1988. The company provides services to various industries, including lawful, financial reporting, healthcare, financial services, and fashion, to name a few.

The company provides convenience through online purchase entry, online invoice payment, and GPS navigation with satellite transmission. Customers have praised the company's welcoming delivery staff and excellent customer service.

Factors Why A-1 Courier Is Preferable To FedEx (Los Angeles)

The speed and efficiency with which courier services generally deliver shipments is an important function. So, if your company deals with shipping in and around Los Angeles and time is of the core, A-1 courier service may be the best option.

Here are some unique points of A-1 courier services which makes it different from FedEx Los Angeles:

  • For any urgent deliveries, you will be able to speak directly with the dispatcher.
  • A-1 courier loves technology, but they are always available by phone.
  • The drivers have been with the company for an average of more than 5 years.
  • You can place your order online, by email, or phone, whichever method works best for you.
  • A-1 courier has a system that ensures that the leadership team addresses any concerns you may have.
  • Each driver is a company employee who wears a uniform.
  • A-1 courier guarantees complete satisfaction, or there is no charge.