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A-1 Courier, the USPS (Los Angeles) Alternative

Delivery services have been one of the in-demand and perfect solutions for the people who want to transport or send various items to other places. Either close or far location, through the help of a courier, you can ensure safety and be in the receiver's area.

Since the pandemic, our movement has been limited by staying in our house. Thus, courier services are the marketable and easiest way to send and receive the essential goods and items that we need.

There can be many choices for a courier delivery service, but if you are from Los Angeles (LA), then the A-1 Courier is the best choice!

About Us

The A-1 Courier has been in the delivery service industry since 1988. Since it was founded, we have established a name for fast, reliable, and trusted courier service.

Our A-1 courier riders are all licensed to deliver, have undergone a complete and extensive identity check, and are equipped to handle fragile parcels, legal documents, medical equipment, and other essential items. A-1 delivery riders are uniformed for easy recognition.

You don't have to worry about late pick-ups and deliveries. Our trusted A-1 courier riders are always ready to deliver-- 24 hours a day! We also offer a fast-moving service for your urgent deliveries by dialing us.

Are you worried about your parcel? You can track your A-1 courier in a GPS tracker that can range throughout the USPS Los Angeles and some parts of Orange Counties. Easy to navigate, right?

Say goodbye to a long waiting to send or receive your parcels. With A-1 Courier service, you will enjoy a convenient and fast delivery. The A-1 Courier guarantees you a 100% satisfaction rate for all your deliveries.

For more information and how to place an order, you can visit our website at or give us a ring by dialing: (213) 622-4000