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Latest Forklift Use: Fighting Crime at Texas Supply Company

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The Latest Forklift Use: Fighting Crime at Texas Supply Company

The government believes that you are guilty and deserve to receive a criminal sentence if you have been charged with a crime. The evidence gathered by the police and other law enforcement during their investigation serves as the foundation for the government’s accusation.

A judge will be appointed to your case, and you will go up against skilled prosecutors who will be attempting to sentence you to probation, jail time, or maybe prison. Find a criminal defense lawyer who will defend you and your rights in court and through a trial, if required, if you wish to contest the accusation.

Making Your Complaint Ready

Make sure you have all of your necessary information on hand before submitting your complaint to us. Please take note that the system cannot preserve your complaint while you are still filling it out, therefore you must submit the form all at once.

The more information you can give, the more thoroughly we can investigate your issue. Important data are as follows:

  • The name of the company or person you are complaining about
  • The whole address of the company or person, including zip code
  • a thorough explanation of your grievance
  • Describe how you got in touch with the company or person.
  • Dates and sums of the transactions
  • Information about the contract, including payment information when applicable
  • How you may have tried to settle the conflict, along with the names of the persons you communicated with

You Have a Public Complaint

A complaint submitted to the Consumer Protection Division may become public record. This implies that any member of the public may examine your complaint and submit an open records request.

How We Can Help 

  • Obtain customer complaints, then examine them to look for criminal activities.
  • Bring civil cases that are beneficial to the public
  • Inform Texans about current scams and how to prevent them.


  • Act as your attorney
  • Bring legal action on your behalf or the behalf of certain customers
  • File a criminal complaint for misleading behavior
  • Giving people legal advice or explanations of the law
  • Handle individual issues on a regular basis

After filing your complaint

Your complaint will be examined by the Consumer Protection Division when it is submitted. We track patterns using these complaints, and when it’s appropriate and in the public interest, we respond.

Please be aware that submitting a complaint does not entitle you to representation by our office in any legal action.

Once your complaint has been properly submitted, you will get a confirmation email. However, this does not imply that the Consumer Protection Division is conducting a case or an investigation at this time.

Reportable Events

Selling alcoholic drinks to minors or inebriated individuals at a bar, restaurant, store, or other establishment with a TABC licence. Selling alcoholic drinks after their permitted selling hours. Engaging in illicit activities related to drugs or human trafficking. Owned by a different party than the one listed on the permit.

Any other unlawful action that they are engaged in, An exclusive club that serves alcohol to guests who are not members. a person giving alcohol to a minor against the law.

events or gatherings where children are drinking alcohol illegally. a person who sells alcoholic drinks without a TABC license. any more illicit behavior involving alcoholic drinks.

Money Services Businesses

Business that offers checks, draughts, money orders, or other instruments for the transmission or payment of money, but which is not a financial institution, is under the Banking Department’s supervision.

Additionally, the Banking Department is in charge of supervising any organization that offers currency exchange, with the exception of financial institutions and businesses that provide the service as a byproduct of their core operations.


Due to the current high prices for scrap metal, thieves and scavengers looking to make a fast profit frequently target energy substations, homes, apartment complexes, companies, and schools in search of unsecured metals.

Because copper wire is utilized in the wiring of most buildings and in a variety of electrical equipment, including air conditioners, criminals may frequently reach the wire from the outside without even breaking in.

Even when they travel to a scrap metal company to sell the copper for money, it is challenging to detect these thieves since it is extremely difficult to tell old copper wiring from new.

Catch a Suspected Copper Thief 

Det. John Rowe arrived at the location on August 24 and observed the fence break while the suspect was inside gathering copper wire. Kilgore PD Assistant Chief Roman Roberson said, “He spotted some that was piled up in the corner of the yard, appeared like someone was trying to remove it.

When he saw the perpetrator pushing the wire through the fence, he called 911 and was immediately apprehended.  KPD detectives were on the lookout when suspect Bobby Glen Allen II arrived to the HOLT CAT plant that morning.

“We really received an anonymous information that he was one of the people planning to break into that yard. Roberson said that we set up certain surveillance tools that we had, and that’s essentially what killed him. ”

When we first arrived at the yard, we saw a spot where the fence looked as though it had recently been hacked. We installed our gadget there.

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority


On Metrolink’s 91/Perris Valley Line between Riverside and Perris, the first trains to be equipped with the new technology will run. According to authorities, the route was chosen because of its closeness to many significant fault lines and its comparatively low ridership.

All trains on Metrolink’s 538-mile rail network, which spans six counties, will eventually receive the upgrade.A representative for the U.S. Geological Survey’s ShakeAlert system, Robert-Michael de Groot, stated that it is “another tool in their arsenal that helps Metrolink safeguard its commuters and train crew.”

Metrolink engineers running a train during an earthquake received alerts from a prior system that was put into place in September based on ShakeAlert data. With the new system, if a powerful enough earthquake is predicted, automatic technology will engage and either slow down the train or completely halt it.

According to Luis Carrasquero, temporary deputy chief operating officer of Metrolink, up until last year, the transportation company depended on a telephone game in which dispatchers would manually inform train engineers of an earthquake’s size and location after receiving an alarm.

Making a complaint to a tax officer 

Non-depository lenders offering consumer loans to Texans are licensed and governed by the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC). We also register vendors who provide credit in exchange for products or services.

This agency responds to inquiries and helps Texans resolve complaints against regulated businesses in Texas including pawn sales, second mortgages and home equity loans, finance for motor vehicle sales, and loans for property taxes.

We also supervise companies that provide vehicle title loans, payday loans, debt management and settlement services, handcrafted precious metal merchants, and registered creditors. We defend consumers while supporting creditors in resolving grievances and disagreements. We establish the facts, apply the relevant laws, or, if necessary, arbitrate a resolution.


You will be able to appeal your conviction if you are found guilty. A request for review of your case by a “higher” in order to ascertain if the judge applied the law incorrectly is essentially what an appeal is. If the trial was fundamentally unjust for whatever reason, you can also think about requesting a Writ of Habeas Corpus.