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How Many Square Miles is Los Angeles?

los angeles square miles

If you are finding out how many square miles is Los Angeles then this post is right for you. When it comes to well-known states and cities within the United States, California is among the most well known states, even in other countries. Within this popular state lies one of the most popular cities the United States is home to: Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is a very large city, but just how large is it? Covering more than its fair share of southern California, this city covers 502 square miles, making it one of the largest cities in the entire United States in terms of the sheer size where it covers. However, is there a city that is somehow bigger than Los Angeles?

As it turns out, the answer to whether or not there is a city that is bigger than Los Angeles is both yes and no. Los Angeles is one of the largest city in the United States in terms of the amount of square miles it covers, covering 502 square miles.

However, in terms of population size, Los Angeles actually comes in second place in the race for the largest population. Currently in first place with the largest population in the United States is New York City. New York City has a general area population of just over 8 million residents while Los Angeles has a general population of 3.8 million residents.

When it comes to the larger population of accounting for the population of the metropolitan area of the cities, New York City still comes in first place, though by a slim margin. New York sits in first place with a metropolitan population of 18.8 million while Los Angeles has a metropolitan population of 18.5 million, giving these two giants a gap of only 300,000 residents.

square miles los angeles

There is one more contender as to if there is a city larger than Los Angeles, and the answer there is also yes and no. Houston, Texas, is one of the other cities with a very large square mileage.

Boasting a whopping 665 square miles for its size, Houston, Texas is actually larger in size than Los Angeles, beating it by roughly 160 square miles, as Los Angeles is only 502 square miles in total.

However, just because Houston, Texas beats Los Angeles in terms of square milage, does not mean it is the larger city by any means. With a general population of 3.8 million residents, Los Angeles has quite the population lead on Houston, which only has a population of 2.3 million residents.

If you factor in the metropolitan population, Los Angeles develops an even larger lead in the population size, having a population of 18.5 million residents, while Houston only has a metropolitan size of 7.1 million residents.

This means that while Houston may be larger in area, Los Angeles is still the larger of the two famous and heavily populated cities in the United States.

Los Angeles is a massive city in the state of California and is one of the most well known cities in the entire country of the United States, so much so that even people in other countries are able to recognize and identify it.

With a general population of 3.8 million residents and a metropolitan population of 18.5 million residents, this city needs quite a large amount of space to accommodate its large population which is continuing to grow.

For that reason, Los Angeles spans 502 square miles, taking up quite a large area in southern California, making it the second largest city in terms of the number of square miles it takes up, trailing just behind Houston, Texas.