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Burbank Courier Services by A-1 Courier

Burbank, California is a thriving city in Los Angeles County, located just north of downtown L.A. With its convenient location and business-friendly environment, Burbank has become a hub for major media and technology companies. It is also a popular spot for filming movies, TV shows, and commercials.

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Burbank

1. Warner Bros. Studios - This legendary movie studio offers VIP tours where you can explore working sound stages and see props and costumes from major films and TV shows.

2. Downtown Burbank - The downtown area features great shops and eateries. Don't miss the weekly farmers' market.

3. Starlight Bowl - This unique amphitheater tucked into the hills has stunning city views and hosts concerts and performances.

4. Disney Studios - Go behind the scenes of the Walt Disney animation studios with a guided walking tour.

5. Aviation History Museum - See vintage aircraft and learn about aviation milestones at this museum located right at the Burbank Airport.

6. De Bell Golf Club - Swing away at this picturesque public golf course with scenic mountain backdrops.

7. Gordon R. Howard Museum - Peruse railroad history exhibits including vintage locomotives and railway cars.

8. Wildwood Canyon Park - Explore scenic nature trails and spot local wildlife at this gorgeous outdoor recreation area.

9. Martindale’s Antiques - Burbank's vintage shopping destination with sprawling selections of rare collectibles and one-of-a-kind finds.

10. IKEA - Make a day of exploring the showrooms, marketplace and cafeteria at this iconic home furnishings megastore.

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Top 10 Filming Locations in Burbank

1. Warner Bros. Studios - Countless major movies and TV shows have been filmed on the backlots and soundstages here. Favorites like Friends, ER, and The Big Bang Theory shot exteriors amid the charming residential streets of the studio’s Midwest Street.

2. Walt Disney Studios - Disney idols like Mickey Mouse came to animated life inside these historic Burbank animation buildings where classic films were drawn frame by frame.

3. Providencia Ranch - Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a movie crew choreographing an intense action sequence with fake gunshots and explosions in the middle of this scenic ranch property tucked in the Verdugo Hills.

4. Bob’s Big Boy - The retro vibes of this kitschy diner on Riverside Drive has attracted various TV shows and commercials. You might even catch a glimpse of a celebrity or two grabbing a burger after their shoot wraps!

5. Portal of the Folded Wing Shrine - Multiple films have captured aerial footage around this historical monument nestled high in the hills honoring aviation pioneers.

6. Los Angeles Equestrian Center - With spacious fields, barn backgrounds, and trails weaving through the property, this equestrian facility has hosted horseback riding scenes for projects like True Lies and Seabiscuit.

7. IKEA - This iconic big box store may seem like an unlikely filming venue, but its endless aisles and staged room settings have served as backdrops for movies, commercials, and reality shows.

8. Downtown Burbank - The charming shops and pedestrian areas make downtown a versatile location for both comedies and dramas seeking a small town aesthetic.

9. The Burbank Channel Bridges - The concrete bridges crossing the channelized Los Angeles River offer industrial urban settings adjacent to the historic Olive Avenue district.

10. McCambridge Park - Productions appreciate the classic Americana suburban appeal of this neighborhood park dotted with large shady trees when staging family scenes.

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Top 10 Historical Points of Interest in Burbank

1. Portal of the Folded Wing Shrine - This historical monument high in the Verdugo Hills honors aviation pioneers the Lockheeds with its symbolic metal sculpture.

2. Gordon R. Howard Museum - Railroad history comes alive via photography exhibits, vintage locomotives, and railway cars at this transportation museum.

3. Grand Central Air Terminal - The art deco architecture of this former airplane hangar recaptures the golden age of aviation and travel. The site now hosts special events.

4. Disney Studios Water Tower - Walt Disney himself helped design the iconic animation studio water tower that still stands today with its Sorcerer Mickey icon.

5. Lafayette Building - Downtown’s oldest commercial building still operating dates back to 1889 with Victorian architectural detailing.

6. Joshua Realty Building - Constructed in 1924 during Burbank’s founding era, this brick mixed-use building with a striking white terracotta facade has served downtown for generations.

7. Rancho Providencia - One of Burbank’s original Mexican land grants from the 1840s, this sprawling scenic ranch property remains nestled in the Verdugo Hills.

8. Universal City Walk Alameda Gateway - Historic plaques and decorative towers mark where the Rancho Providencia’s original entrance road once welcomed guests travelling from Los Angeles.

9. Goebel's German Bakery - Nostalgic fans still flock to this old-world German bakery and delicatessen operating in its 1950s-era storefront serving old family recipes.

10. Bob's Big Boy - The iconic Bob’s Big Boy statue standing vigil outside this classic diner transports visitors back to mid-century carhop era along historic Route 66.

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