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Courier Services in Vernon (LA) by A-1 Courier

A-1 Courier is a well-established courier service with quality work going back over 25 years. Our courier service is licensed, bonded, and insured, so you know any business you do with us in the Vernon, LA area is in great hands!

When you call to schedule a delivery here at A-1 Courier, you will be greeted by one of our order takers who strive to be as polite and professional as possible while providing you with the quickest and most thorough processing of your delivery order to provide a smooth and easy transition, unlike other courier services.

We here at A-1 Courier strive to be the best when it comes to delivery, quality, and excellence. This is why we choose our delivery drivers for our courier services very thoroughly, vetting them through extensive background checks and training them to handle all means of packages in the best manner possible to make sure your goods, whether they're medical specimens, legal filings, or other packages, are never damaged, mishandled, or lost during transit. On top of our quality delivery, we provide you with the ability to track your package in real-time to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly where your package is at all times.

A-1 Courier offers a few delivery options, such as regular, rushed, and nonstop delivery for those of you whose business has a constant stream of packages rotating through your offices. We allow you to choose the type of vehicle your package is delivered in because we trust you to know best whether you need a car or the space of a truck to deliver your package.

When you're looking for a quality courier or messenger service in the Vernon, LA area, we sincerely hope you will choose A-1 Courier to take care of all your delivery needs.

Here are some interesting facts about Vernon, California

- Vernon is centered around industrial business, especially food production, with companies like Farmer John Meatpacking and Calumet Beverages calling it home. Around 1,800 businesses operate in Vernon related to manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and more.

- Its prime location near railways and freeways has made Vernon very attractive for large factories and commercial operations since the city's founding.

- This industrial concentration is also why Vernon has an unusually small residential population of just over 200, with almost all land zoned for commercial/industrial use.

Governance Controversies:

- Despite small size, Vernon has been an important center of tax revenue for LA and CA, due in large part to advantageous utility rates and business tax policies.

- But it has also faced longstanding concerns about corrupt leadership funneling funds into excessive salaries and perks rather than services for citizens or responsibilities like environmental/health oversight of businesses there.

- Lawsuits and legislation like a 2006 open elections reform bill have tried addressing the dysfunctions. But it wasn’t until 2022 that a ballot measure expanded voter eligibility, aiming to make governance more accountable.

Major Companies Originating in Vernon:

- Vernon has been the starting ground and headquarters city over the years for recognizable brands like Tapatio Hot Sauce, Triumph Apparel, and Carolina Custom Coverings truck accessories.

The city of Vernon located at 4305 S Santa Fe Ave., Vernon, CA 90058