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Should I care what courier service software you use in Los Angeles?

Yes. There are so many competitors of ours still using the best software they had — back in the year 2003. We’re loyal to our courier service software, we’ve been with them for many years, and that’s because they have the best features for you and us.

Questions to ask your courier vendor are:

  1. Can we order online and get confirmation via email that the order was received?
  2. Does your system allow you to see, on a map, in real-time, where the driver is?
  3. Does the software give you any warnings about slow pick-ups or slow drivers?
  4. Can you send us specific reports for our internal processes in addition to your invoice?
  5. Can you send me a sample of what your emails look like, to make sure they’re easy to understand? (You might be amazed at how poorly some customer emails are formatted.)
  6. How do you communicate with the drivers?
  7. Can we talk to your drivers if we need to?
  8. Do we need to tell you an account number, or can we just say our company name to start the order process?

The above list could have had ten points, it could have had more, but the message here is to care about the courier software that your vendor AND you will be using. Some, like ours, provided by Digital Waybill, have the correct answer to all of your questions.

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If only our software could make the person in front of us go super fast and we could get everywhere in ten minutes.

One feature that our clients love, is that we can create custom reports for your various teams to more thoroughly understand your messenger service needs. Another feature that’s really great is the POD’s (Proof of Delivery) that we send. They include receipts that are perfect for any expense report. They also include signature capture and photos of packages that we’ve left, with your prior permission of course.

Another great feature our software offers is that it’s like a video game, for our dispatchers. It’s an easy game too. For example, if one of our dispatchers goes to assign a pick-up to a certain driver, the system will do the math, using real-time traffic, and make an alert noise if a time frame will not be met.

One question you can also ask is how the service handles extra busy days. At A-1 Courier, we’re unique, in that we have a variety of other courier services that have proven their dependability – even if we have to take a loss by always ordering their fastest service.

The software we use in the courier business determines how successful we’re likely to be with on-time delivery. But there are other good courier service software companies out there. It’s 2021 and there are plenty of choices, but of course, some are better than others. One company we want to give props to is Datatrak. They were there in the beginning, and they offer great features.

If you’re a client of ours and you have any ideas about features you would like, please contact us and we’ll likely have them available within 24 hours.