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Covid and your courier service provider


It’s been about 17 months of working and living with the threat of Covid 19. To anyone reading this that has lost a loved one to the virus we extend our heartfelt condolences. 

Our driving staff has been educated about the changing threats this past many months and while we thought we might not need to keep purchasing masks, hand sanitizers, shields, and other supplies, we’ve been saddened to learn about the Delta variant and Covid 19’s continuing challenges. On our end, we’ve been able to have a staff that is 100 percent fully vaccinated. There were some latecomers to the best protection we have, but we think it’s important to protect ourselves and each other.

Covid and your courier service provider 1

Our courier service drivers always show up with proper fitting masks and we still seek to perform only contact-free pick-ups and deliveries. We’ve had some requests from customers that have been at odds with our safety practices at A-1 Courier, and while it can be awkward and sometimes difficult, we tell all our customers what our standards and practices are, now that we’re still dealing with a Covid threat in the messenger business.

According to Newsweek magazine, “There is concern over the threat posed by the Lambda variant of COVID-19 which may be more resistant to vaccines than the original version of the virus.

“Research by a team from the University of Tokyo, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, found that three mutations in Lambda’s spike protein help it resist neutralization by vaccine-induced antibodies.A Doomsday COVID Variant Worse Than Delta May Be Coming.”

So, at this point, it’s good to be informed, but the question of too much news or too little news is one that comes up, in our personal lives, but at work, at A-1 Courier we strive to be 100% informed so we can protect each other and allow for the business that we all do, to be done in the most sustainable and safe manner possible.

If we’re delivering any packages for you, we hope you feel confident in A-1 Courier’s service. Our messengers are part of the solution, and we wish all of our customers a safe rest of the summer and we hope that we can get past this terrible impediment to living the lives we hope are just around the corner