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Customer Service in the Courier Industry

A-1 Courier will do whatever it can to avoid the word “no.” In that regard we partner with other companies from time to time to help us out. And, if you ever hear a courier service say that they can always handle whatever you throw their way, their not being truthful.

In the courier world, we’re at the mercy of the public. And that’s great. There’s no complaining here. It’s just that sometimes we reach capacity, where we just don’t have an available messenger. So, after 30 plus years, we’ve learned how to find other courier services ourselves.

But one thing amazes us. And that is the lack of quality customer service. As you can see on this page, we take customer service very seriously. For example, when you call us and hear a friendly voice, that voice also tells you their name. This way you have their “badge number” as they say. It’s maddening, frankly speaking, how when we call a colleague to see if they can help, how they seem to never tell you their name. What do they have to hide?

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Red for emergency! We’re ready. A-1 Courier is available 24 hours 365 days per year

But don’t fret about us giving your delivery to a third party. It’s rare and if we do it, we always order the more expensive and faster delivery than is required. Why? Well, we don’t trust just anybody and we’d rather lose a little money and ensure our order is a priority one.

We have one long term client, Myman Greenspan,et al, (for about 30 years!), that loved a recent experience they had with us where we picked up tickets for them and held them overnight for delivery the next morning at 8:30 AM. Now, I’m glad they liked that, but to be candid, that’s what we do. We hear what you want and then send the courier out to do his or her job. It’s a service we provide, and our goal is to have the best courier service 365 days per year.

And finally, the other aspect of customer service in the courier and messenger world is to understand that the customer is probably very busy when they call us. In that regard, we have a rule of no repeating. What that means is that we do not repeat what you’ve told us, unless you want us to. Instead, we take down the courier instructions and if we need to hear something again for clarification, we ask, but as you can see from our customer service guidelines, we do have a no-repeat rule.

And, if you see our customer service tips, feel free to use them at your own company. We’d be flattered. And of course, if you have any feedback, please let us know. Thanks!