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When to use Regular Courier Service and not Rush.

So many customers use a courier especially in Los Angeles and feel that they need to use the more expensive rush service. Their thinking is that since traffic is so bad in L.A., “I better play it safe.” However, the best way to courier your packages around town is to find out what time frames your courier service offers and then make them stand by it.

When to use Regular Courier Service and not Rush. 1
When a courier service moves this fast in Los Angeles, it’s not only in Hollywood — or is it?

A-1 Courier, has picked up many accounts over the years, by having time frames that cater to the client, rather than the dispatchers. No matter the traffic in L.A., courier services are counted on to deliver medical specimens, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Sometimes it’s a challenge to allow the prospect to see the ultimate cost savings, but when they do, and when they sign up and start using you — and then see the cost savings — it’s a great feeling for both parties.

And, the thing with business, is that it’s got to be good for both sides. Certainly, there are instances where an account is more profitable because the deal favors the vendor, but in the long run, it’s not worth it. Because if a customer finds out you’ve been charging an unfair price, they will not only leave you but potentially they could leave a bad review, which in this day and age is a very big deal. When customers place an order they want to have peace of mind.

With delivery time frames, it’s very interesting how some messenger service companies offer, for example, a service that they call “rush,” when in fact it’s equal to our service that we call a “regular.” So, what we tell our customers is that the best way to understand the difference between courier services is to speak the same language that we all have in common. That would be numbers, or in other words, how many minutes does any given courier service take to deliver packages to location in Los Angeles or Orange County, or Ventura County, etc. (We have a lot of counties in the most populous state in our country…is it even fair that California has all these great features, but that’s another subject. We do love it though.)

To over come that, we talk hours and minutes. It’s the best way to compare apples to apples, as they say. So, if you have questions about how A-1 Courier can provide a better messenger service experience in Los Angeles, please call us at 213-622-4000, or 1-800-55-DRIVE.