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Same Day Delivery in a Pandemic

No one amongst us probably ever thought we’d get here. As of this writing, COVID-19 is threatening our way of life like nothing before. The date is April 17th, 2020. A-1 Courier has learned a new way of doing business. The word “contactless” is a strange way to describe any aspect of picking up or delivering a package. But that’s where we’re at — and we’ll likely be here for a very long time. The vaccine is what we’re hoping and waiting for, but do we really even know how effective it’s going to be against something scientists haven’t seen before? Until the day we’re all safe from Covid, it’s all about masks and gloves here at A-1 Courier, along with, and most importantly staying healthy, for us and our community.  It’s interesting how many phone calls we get from our Yelp Page and our Google My Business listing site, and for that we’re grateful. 

Our drivers are now outfitted with the best personal protection we can get our hands on, along with a brave and strong desire to keep their way of life as best they could. They’re on the front lines, so to speak, and kudos to them for their bravery.

Same Day Delivery in a Pandemic 1
They say time flies. It would be nice if it could, and we’d all go back to a healthier time.

As far as the economics of A-1 Courier, we’re fortunate that we do a lot of essential deliveries for the medical community. We have many routes throughout the southland, but the on-demand work from the business sector is obviously nonexistent. We’ve had many drivers quit because of their personal health concerns, and it’s very understandable to be scared and want to be at home with family.

Fortunately, we still have staff members that want to stay on the job and it’s been pretty easy getting our remote operations set up. We’ve always enjoyed being cutting edge with our technology choices — which has allowed annual growth, except of course in 2020, but that’s okay, as long as we all remain safe and healthy.

One area of concern for us is recruiting new staff members — while maintaining social distancing. We currently have our application procedures online and when necessary, we’re prepared to have video interviews via Skype, Zoom or Facetime. If you have any questions or suggestions as we continue down this unknown path, please let us know, and stay safe, and perhaps most importantly, never put unwashed hands near your face. (But how nice is it to feel our faces in the shower?) Best wishes from A-1 Courier.