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Courier Service Software

OK, so why is our software better than yours? One main reason. Digital Waybill shows exactly where are drivers in the Los Angeles area with beautiful red dots in real-time. It makes dispatching like a video game.

Other reasons it’s a great choice are that it produces great POD’s. What’s a POD? It stands for “proof of delivery.” What’s extra nice about them are that they show, in a very simple way, where we picked up your package and where our courier dropped off your package. It shows an electronic signature and then it shows the price.

As has been discussed in other posts here, we’re very familiar with what other messenger services offer. None have a POD as nice as ours, that can also be used as a receipt for bookkeeping purposes.

Courier Service Software 1
We won’t settle for anyone having better technology than us. The best tools are a must!

The software shows us not only where drivers are but it also shows the delivery deadlines and it’s all in a simple to absorb colors that help our dispatchers make the best decisions so we can provide on-time package delivery.

Other software we use also produces another type of delivery receipt if you’re paying by credit card. Again, it’s perfect for any business that needs to show that a courier service was used, and offers a breakdown of the charges. One thing we’re very proud of at A-1 Courier that we never seem to get any questions or complaints about our billing. We think that that’s because the prices are low and the promises are kept.

Another very important feature of our software is that whatever information that’s on the order gets transmitted to our messengers exactly as you say it. Or exactly as you type it if you order online through our system.

And the other item is that Digital Waybill has teamed up with us for a very long time, and we locked in an attractive price, which allows us to keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to you. So that’s enough of our insider information for now. We hope you like what we offer and if you have any questions at all call us or email us. Our phone numbers are (213) 622-4000 or (310) 450-9000 and our toll-free number, which is pretty cool is 1-800-55-DRIVE (1-800-553-7483)